Mini-Dental Implants

"I didn't get the dental care I needed growing up. As a result, I lost my teeth. Now after wearing my denture for many years, it doesn't fit any more and neither does the replacement denture. I am embarrassed to laugh and eat in public."

Many people who have lost their teeth have difficulty wearing dentures from day one and other people's mouths can change so much over the years that they grow into not being comfortable in dentures. Fortunately there are solutions. Below is a schematic of a lower denture retained in position by four mini-implants:

4 mini-implants
were used to
secure this
lower denture
Mini Dental Implans in Frostburg, MD
Mini Dental Implants in Allegany County Magnified view of
Metal Housing &
O-Ring which slides
over Implant


What are Mini-implants?

mini-implantMini dental implants are very strong, small, titanium screws that are approximately the size of wooden toothpicks. They can be used to anchor a bridge or denture, or for single tooth replacement. The procedure is usually performed under local anesthetic and involves little discomfort. When used for denture retention, the denture is retrofitted with tiny housings that contain a rubber o-ring made to slip over the implants. The denture snaps into position over the implants and the patient can wear and use the denture immediately upon walking out of the office. The result is a tight fitting denture that doesn't "float" around the mouth interfering with speech and trapping food underneath.

How do I learn more? Call us to make and appointment for an implant consultation. Dr. Romaine will first do an exam to determine if you are a candidate and how many mini-implants you will need.






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