Dental Technology
Dr. Romaine and her dental patient

Dr. Romaine & Associates is dedicated to continuing to keep current as technologies advance to offer patients the safest, most effective, and comfortable treatment options!

Digital X-rays

Not only are these x-ray friendly to the environment, they are much safer than the old traditional x-rays reducing radiation exposure by 90%

Dental Implants

For patient with missing teeth or loose dentures, dental implants provide a secure and long lasting solution!

Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera is a great tool to help document and study patients' teeth and oral environment. And you can see what we see!

Digital Radiography (X-rays)

Digital x-rays can be taken using sensors that transmit the image directly into a computer monitor. This larger image helps the patient understand the doctor's explanations more easily and enables the doctor to "zoom in" on a specific area of the tooth. An important advantage to this new technology is that it reduces the amount of radiation by 90%. Digital x-rays are also faster. The digital image only takes a minute or two to appear in the monitor. In addition, this new technology is friendly to the environment since no chemicals are needed for developing the image.

We have 2 and 3D Digital X-ray
capabilities to provide everything from bitewings and panoramic x-rays to CT
scans for implants and complex diagnoses.

Delivering Implants with Confidence

Confident Planning & Results

The X-GuideTM system works with our Cone Beam 3D system. Using the robust X-Guide implant planning software to plan all factors of the ideal implant location, we can simulate the placement of virtual teeth for better aesthetic planning. In conjunction with our intraoral scanner, we can plan an ideal restorative outcome with opposing teeth in occlusion. In surgery, the guide helps with navigation and placement with remarkable precision.

Intraoral Camera

Intra Oral image
Our intraoral camera uses a tiny fiber-optic wand to easily take vivid photographs of the inside of your mouth. This allows us to let you see what we see.


MicroDentistry means finding decay as early as possible so that treatment can be done with minimal removal of natural tooth structure. Restorations (fillings) are the smallest possible, esthetically pleasing, and long-lasting.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

The cavitron is an ultrasonic scaler. Power scalers do a more thorough job in less time. This results in significantly decreased scaling time and healthier, cleaner teeth and gums. Hand scalers require repetitive scraping movements and are restricted to adaptation of only one or two sides of the instrument. In comparison, all four sides of a power scaler can be adapted, because the device moves in an elliptical motion. This comes in handy when removing stain and deposits from behind and between the teeth. Ultrasonic scalers are more effective in removing stain as well. The ultrasonic vibration helps control oral bacteria by breaking down the cell wall of the bacteria. The water used to cool the cavitron then helps to rinse away bacteria, stain and debris.

Dental Lasers

Dental Lasers may be used for a variety of applications from assisting with periodontal therapy bacteria removal, performing frenectomies and uncovering dental implants. The beauty of dental lasers is that they promote quick healing and often Less pain from surgical dental procedures.

Patient Education

Multi-media education
Our treatment rooms have patient monitors where we can show you your digital x-rays, intraoral camera tour, and provide other information to better understand your dental condition and treatment options.


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