Headaches / Migraines

The field of migraine prevention therapy has been at somewhat of a standstill. Although numerous drugs are now on the market which are intended to subdue migraine pain after the attack has already begun, preventing migraine has been less than satisfactory.

However, research has found one common factor to all migraine and tension-type headache sufferers: tender and sore temple and scalp muscles caused by intense and prolonged jaw clenching during sleep. Not teeth grinding, but jaw clenching…and there is a world of difference.

Established research has shown:

  • Jaw clenching muscles of migraine suffers are 70% larger in volume and generate significantly higher bite forces than control subjects.
  • Migraine sufferers who experience headaches soon after or upon waking show significant evidence of nocturnal jaw clenching.
  • Tension-type headache patients contract their temporalis muscles (clench their jaw) during sleep, on average, 14 times more intensely that asymptomatic controls.

If you are suffering from headaches an oral appliance may help to alleviate your symptoms. Our dentists will listen to your concerns and analyze which type of oral appliance may be best suited to help you.


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